Managed Tor hosting

Why offer Tor hosting?

Tor is based on the concept of Onion Routing. Onion routing relays the traffic in an encrypted fashion through a number of other machines that voluntarily participate in the network. People using it rely on these volunteers to share their own bandwidth with them.

With Tor, you can decide if you want to be a client only (which is the default configuration), a middle node helping to transport encrypted traffic for other users, or an exit node, allowing from and to the regular Internet. Exit nodes can decide which ports they want to allow traffic on, for example port 80 for access to regular HTTP sites, and port 443 for encrypted HTTPS websites.

To Internet sites, traffic seems to originate from the exit node's IP address. If a user misuses the service, ie. by posting spam or otherwise illegal content, the owner of this IP address - usually the ISP - might be contacted to deal with this "abuse". The most efficient way for most ISPs to deal with it is to terminate contracts that attract abuse, and you might have a hard time explaining that you were not responsible for the abusive behavior. That's why, while you are highly encouraged to run a middle node or bridge on your residential line (no regular Internet traffic by others will leave your machine), you should know what you're doing when running an exit yourself, and you should not do so from your home connection.

What we do

We are working together with selected high speed hosting partners who understand that we are running Tor exit nodes. Our goal is to run exit nodes with a generous policy to help the Tor network to cope with the growing interest - and growing traffic demands.

  • We run managed and unmanaged nodes in all shapes and sizes. If you are technically skilled, you can configure and run your own node. If you are not, you can still help the network and we will manage everything for you.
  • We deal with abuse. You don't have to worry that one day your ISP contract might suddenly be terminated because someone used your IP to download some illegal files through your exit.
  • We provide private and stable bridge IPs to organizations and individuals. In some countries, Tor is blocked and the only way to use it is through so-called bridges.

How you can help!

If you are an invididual or organization who wants to support censorship circumvention take a look at our plans for a node sponsorship. You can also donate. Even small amounts help to bring uncensored Internet to people who need it!

You are an ISP?

You want to support Tor, and have spare server and bandwidth resources? You are able to provide IPs for bridges? Contact us! We will maintain the nodes for you. Even the smallest amount of bandwidth helps!

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