• www.codero.com donated a 100mbps Tor exit! The IP range should be SWIPed and RDNS set properly soon. We’re still testing the setup, so for now we’re only allowing port 443 to exit.


It is named “wau”, after Wau Holland: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wau_Holland

If you have donated to Torservers previously, you are obliged to suggest more names. :-)

  • defaultroute.net donates 2*20mbps relays! Working on setting them up.

  • 100tb.com Haven’t heard from them despite multiple inquiries. We are currently in contact with evoboxes.net (NL), directspace.net and wizzsolutions.com (USA) to replace our Softlayer 100TB exit.

  • Donations We have accumulated around 1500 Euro to spend on fresh Tor traffic.

  • Non-profit Organization Sadly, the tax authorities have rejected our initial draft for a statute. They told us that teaching about privacy is not ‘serving the public good’ and thus not charitable. I am certain that we will get it through, but it will take more time than expected. For the current version of the statute (in German), see


Thanks to all donators and sponsors! Without you, we would not exist.