Coordinated raids of Zwiebelfreunde at various locations in Germany

Update July 10th: Last week Monday, prosecution stated that they will keep our things for further analysis, even after explicitly confirming to journalists that they are aware that our only connection to Riseup is the collection of donations. This includes items belonging to our partners, and other third parties like companies we work for. That same Monday, after the AfD party convening, our lawyers filed for immediate sealing and suspension of analysis until a court decision. Everything else is pending on that, and for now it looks like there are no further legal steps we can take (yet). The two of us who have not been interviewed yet (because they were not present during the raids) have been asked to give further testimony, which they will do during this week, together with our lawyers. This is not over. [Read More]

Three servers offline, likely seized

Last Thursday we noticed that three servers went down. Those servers were used to run Tor exit nodes, 10 in total. We tried to get in contact with our providers which weren’t able to tell us anything and also could not reboot the servers nor give us access to them. On the same day it was reported that several government agencies took down hidden services. Even though our machines were only used as exit nodes, we believe that our machines were also seized by law enforcement officials. We are trying to get further information about the incident. As soon as we know more we will inform you. [Read More]