We’re a slowly, but healthily growing family of Tor friends. Anyone is welcome to contribute, priority on the items are basically set by individual preferences (“Hey, I started…”). Join us on irc.oftc.net #torservers.

  1. Work on Todo-List, add ideas :)


  1. Collect information on Talks and Workshops that we do.
  2. Document information on Talks and Workshops in december as we need it as a yearly proof of work to stay a non-profit.




  • monitoring
  • graphs. I want combined graphs that for example show bandwidth usage across all nodes, and “our bandwidth” in comparison to all exit relay bandwidth (and some usage stats, see bridges)
  • myFamily setting: currently, we have to log into EACH machine and update MyFamily if we add or remove a node. We need that centralized, but safe (signed). also, we need to be able to sync (some) exit rules. – 04/04/11 I'm working on it (tagnaq)

Tor Distribution

I wrote a simple shell script that generates a torrent per file in Torproject's dist directory, carrying several Tor mirrors as “web seeds”. Bittorrent is a nice way to circumvent filters because it uses a DHT to find other peers.

The script should be improved to create useful torrents instead of a single torrent per file. RRansom started working on a Lua script that does a proper selection, but mktorrent only supports to create torrents for either one file or one directory. Look for a different torrent creation tool that supports a selection of files, or create symbolic links to the files, run mktorrent, remove symbolic links.

Scripts and torrents can be found at https://www.torservers.net/mirrors/

So far there are no peers apart from the web mirrors. Maybe we can spread the torrents across appropriate exits and seed from there? Write a script that easily allows anyone to “torrent mirror” Tor (plus explain how to easily www mirror the dist/ directory).


  • need help on writing press releases, proposals, funding applications etc., in all languages
  • collect articles and howtos on tor for wiki
  • design: other icons, onion graphic, logo? anyone?


Member Services

I want to provide secure email accounts and similar services to members, other affiliated groups, social movements, or everyone. We can still decide on who to give them to, but in general I want to have that kind of stuff documented openly in our Wiki. I know it's not really “Torservers.net” related, but remember we're the people with all the abilities to help in other areas as well.

I played with GPG encryption for incoming messages using Postfix. How would you expand that to greater scale? Is “Sieve” the better mail filtering language? How to make things like that user configurable easily?

I am currently considering to install Tine2.0 on www as member service. It would require mysql and possibly openldap though. Comments?

Other useful services might be Jabber, StatusNet, hidden services hosting etc.

Use extra bandwidth not used by Tor for

  • Freenet
  • I2P
  • a Tor2web proxy


  • t-shirts
  • need a german document to proactively contact BKA, LKA and local Dresden police. please write one! –> Apparently they don't have a way of collecting and integrating such data into their work process, so this would seem rather pointless.

Organizations to contact about Partnership/Sponsoring

Add! Help us write contact letters. Locate possible funding opportunities, help us write applications.


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