Tor Relay Operator Meetup at 30C3 invites Tor exit relay operators and organizations to a meetup at this year’s Chaos Communication Congress 30c3 in Hamburg. If possible, for example if you’re a member of one of the ‘Torservers partner organizations’, please prepare some slides on your activities and let us know about it. We will do quick presentations on recent and future activities around [Read More]

Torservers awarded $250,000 by Digital Defenders

Dresden, December 13th, 2013 — has been awarded $250,000 over two years by the Digital Defenders Partnership to strengthen and improve the Tor network, the anonymity system crucial to journalists and human rights defenders using the Internet. [Read More]

USB Sticks for Tails

Ideally, you use TAILS from a read-only medium. CD is best, but many devices these days don’t have an optical drive, and handling CDs is not as convenient as a USB stick. [Read More]

Upgrading ram due to large amount of user connections

Our relays currently run out of RAM due to what is most likely a botnet using the Tor network ( ). It is not using much bandwidth, but a lot of circuits. Looks like its a botnet with hidden service C&C server(s). [Read More]

Zwiebelfreunde take over popular tor gateway

The non-profit organization Zwiebelfreunde e.V. is known for the “Torservers” project, which over the past years has grown into a global network of organizations that maintain server infrastructure for the open anonymization network Tor. Today, Zwiebelfreunde has taken over a very popular web gateway or Tor hidden services, [Read More]