Preparation for reimbursement - partner mailinglists

In preparation of reimbursing exit and bridge operators, we have set up two new mailing lists. Entities that receive reimbursement are called “Torservers partners” and listed at (if they want to be listed) [Read More]

Support for relay operators

I just noticed that I never announced that we offer support for relay operators at support [at] torservers [dot] net. You can encrypt your mails using PGP – fingerprint B099 CF5D 5B97 DC65 2406 B458 C8F4 2EB2 E033 4E90 [Read More]

On the way to more diversity

I have started to make changes to the website to reflect that we have grown from “professional Tor Exit hosting” to a state where growth of a single organization is not useful any more. We have refrained from ramping up more exit capacity for quite some time because of that. [Read More]

New Exit at Voxility/Limehost in Romania

I’ve just installed a new Tor exit at Voxility in Romania. We have hosted there before through a German reseller (T-N Media), but the peering should have improved massively since, and by dealing with the NOC directly, we got proper RIPE reassignment and their “go” for Tor. [Read More]